Data Management
Intelligent Data Governance

Data Management
Intelligent Data Governance

Different solutions to your business challenges from data.

Professional data management services.

The backbone that connects all segments of the information lifecycle is data management. Therefore, it works in a very symbiotic way with process management, which helps from the cleanest and most updated data, to generate a discovery of information that becomes the support for the organization to get the most out of it for its business intelligence. We at Gati Consultants, have an expert team that provides its knowledge and experience in providing solutions for proper intelligent data management using state-of-the-art technology platforms developed by our leading global allies such as Informatica Corporation and AWS, to address the different dimensions of data (DAMA DMBOK) and thus make the most of the data as information and then as knowledge: master data management (MDM), data management, data quality management, data security, big data management and data warehousing.

Data management skills transfer services

Adding best practices the data expert team at Gati Consultants we have prepared a series of tools and artifacts that facilitate the co-creation of paths for data-driven organizational growth.

  1. Seminars / Workshops.

  2. WorkShop.
  3. Trainning.

• Specialized consulting.
• Strategy design.
• Platform implementation.
• Training in technological solutions for data management of our allies.

The provision of our services is adapted to the new normality:

• Equipment immersed in the client’s facilities: we have biosecurity protocols.
• Remote / cloud services.
• Mixed attention – virtual platforms.
• Support service automation – Gaticket platform.

The provision of our services is adapted to the new normality:

Our expert consultants at Gati Consultores, individually address the development of data management projects from the needs of each company. Under agile methodologies and with industry knowledge, we execute processes of:

Valoración /ASSESSMENT: comprender el estado de las conexiones e interrelaciones de los datos en la organización.

Data strategy consulting: providing expertise and guidance focused on data-driven digital transformation.

Data management solution design: according to the Digital Maturity Indicator (DMI).

Data Management RoadMap design: a key artifact to provide the “way forward” or the short and medium term projection to get from the current state to the desired state of Data Governance and Management within the organization.


• Consulting services in the implementation of technological solutions from our allies.


•Transfer of capabilities to manage and adapt the data platform as business needs evolve.

With the right technology, data governance can generate huge competitive advantages. We have a proprietary technology tool that will allow you to initiate your data governance project through the management and exploration of metadata (technical and business) and its relationship through processes, roles and responsibilities. Efficiently driving data-driven decision making. SGD+

Our focus is on the value of data as a business asset and we accompany the different phases of the data management project.


We support in the definition, design, communication and implementation of principles, policies, procedures, metrics, tools and responsibilities for Data Governance.

Through data governance we help organizations to better manage the availability, quality, usability, integrity and security of data.

Our approach to implementing a data governance model is based on the three pillars of Data Governance: People (Culture), Processes and Technology. We cover, according to our clients' needs, the knowledge areas included in the international reference framework DMBOK2 of the DAMA.

Introduction to data governance

Different solutions to your business challenges from data.

At Gati Consultores we have specialized services in the implementation of intelligent data governance programs, ideal for deploying a data governance strategy, establishing a unique set of policies, processes and technology to collect, manage, store and use data. Collaboration across multiple disciplines and areas of the organization is essential, which is why we work hand-in-hand with data and business leaders and specialists in our implementations.

Five core processes underpin every data governance program:

1. Data discovery.
2. Documenting your definitions, policies, standards, processes and ownership, and analyzing dependent processes.
3. Enforcing governance policies, business rules, and administration.
4. Measuring and tracking results, ideally in real time.
5. Organization and culture through a communication plan, use and ownership of Data Governance for the organization.

Data Governance capacity transfer services

1. Seminars / Workshops.
2. WorkShop.
3. Training.

• Evaluation of business opportunities that can be leveraged on data.
• Data governance strategy.
• Data-driven digital transformation strategy.
• Data-driven enterprise governance strategy roadmap.
• Roadmap and implementation strategy.
• Maturation of data management practices.
• Data management maturity assessment.
• Data Management RoadMap
• Data governance model design and implementation.
• Post-implementation data management assessment.