Disruption as a basis for sustainability

Disruption as a basis for sustainability

Create your differentiation radar for the digital age

Disruption is a force that is changing the corporate landscape like no other before. Today’s organizations must not only transform themselves to meet the demands of digital, they must also understand the different dimensions of the company and manage the changing environment from a strategic point of view.

This is why Gati Consultores provides the formula based on real business cases, industry interventions and the results of disruptive innovations; additionally to the elements needed to build and manage, obtained from the data and successful business models of this complex era.

Together we can build the RADAR for differentiation in the digital era, in a few steps you will have an overview and know the dimensions of your organization, as well as were you must intervene to achieve disruption:

  • Organizational and cultural change.
  • Digital change.
  • Digital competencies: customer experience: customer intelligence, digital value chain and customer relationship management, operational excellence: performance management, process digitization and process automation, organization and culture: digital capabilities, interconnectedness and innovation.
  • Digital capabilities: data, communication management, technology management, critical attitude management and communication capabilities management.
  • Participation / paradigm vision.