Data Governance: Manage your data as a valuable asset

Data Governance: Manage your data as a valuable asset

We manage the availability, quality, usability, integrity and security of your data.

What we do in DATA GOVERNANCE…

  • Assessment: We evaluate knowledge, best practices, efforts and attitudes about data governance. Identifying their current and desired state of maturity. AS IS – TO BE.
  • Data discovery: It is necessary to be clear and understand the scope, e.g., be clear about the data domains that are to be governed.

  • Plan a roadmap: We establish a goal and design the activities to achieve it.
  • Processes, Policies and Standards: We define the set of data governance processes and activities. Policies and objectives for each function and the fundamental principles that guide the performance of each area.
  • Roles and Responsibilities: We identify the roles and responsibilities of the business and IT involved in the activities of each area.
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): Explain through key performance indicators (KPIs) the business results that a data governance project aims to deliver.
  • Define a business glossary: It is valuable to define the terminology associated with the domains or data entities that are to be governed.
  • Organization and culture: We create a model of communication, use and ownership of data governance for the organization.
  • Technology: We support our implementations with the use of technological tools specialized in data governance.


EXPERIENCE: Successful implementations of Data Governance projects in different sectors and industries.

OUR CONSULTANTS:  We have local resources with experience in Consulting Services and implementation of Data Governance Models.

FRAMEWORK:  We support our projects under the best data governance and management frameworks. DMAI: Data Management Association International. Velocity: Informatica Best Practices & Methodology. 

AGILE METHODOLOGIES: Our experience and developments in data governance have left us with a set of best practices and accelerators that we make available to our clients. We strongly believe in an agile, incremental approach to development and implementation, with early wins that generate corporate value.

TRAINING: We offer our clients courses, knowledge transfers, workshops and data-governance awareness workshops.

ACCOMPANIMENT OF OUR EXPERTS:  knowing where to start, which entity or data domain to focus on, what budget to count on and specifying the people involved, can be a great challenge. Through our channel, you can schedule a 30-minute appointment with our expert consultants where we will help you solve doubts about your data governance initiative or project.