We are not living a change of era, the era is changing.

It is a call to understand companies as evolving organisms, within a complex and changing environment. With our methodology Per-ZonalIT by Gati, we propose an immersion in each link of the business, understanding that organizational capabilities and their maturity are the basis for the TRANSVOLUTION of companies.

The understanding of the Context versus my Digital Skills, Capabilities and Competences will allow me to propose a strategy defined to the Digital Maturity index of my Organization.


Our expert team invites you to apply the Per-ZonalIT by Gati methodology in worktables.


Transvolution Workshop, an ideation experience through organizational capabilities: strategy, strategic objectives, people, processes and technology.

In this exercise you will see how strategy versus Skills, Capabilities, Competencies and Digital Maturity make the transformation and evolution of your company easier than ever.

  • Digital Maturity
  • Digital Capabilities
  • Digital Competencies
  • Digital Skills